Pathway of Prayer Walking

Woman travels around the world to pray for strangers

NASHVILLE – Joann Tallman shares 30 years of prayer walking experience in countries around the world in Pathway of Prayer Walking (published by WestBow Press). Her travels led her to pray for the people on the streets of France to the neighborhoods of Zimbabwe.

When Tallman began prayer walking in 1974, she did not realize the impact it would have on her life. Her passion began when she was with a small team doing evangelism in France. As they walked, Tallman found herself praying for the land, the people she met and the residents of the houses around her.

After her trip to France, Tallman’s passion for prayer walking grew. Because Tallman knew the Lord answered prayers, she decided to pray every time she traveled. Tallman learned to focus her prayers and to listen to the Spirit of the Lord for guidance.

Eventually Tallman spent time living in Africa and then Central Asia. The more time she spent prayer walking, the more the Lord taught her about the land, its people and their needs. Tallman shares her personal story of how prayer walking allowed her to listen to the Lord and follow his directions.

“I began to see the Lord work in response to my prayers and was encouraged to share my experiences with other people. I believe prayer walking is an effective way to take Jesus to the streets of any city, regardless of its religious limitations. You can be prevented from witnessing about your faith in Jesus, but you cannot be prevented from praying,” writes Tallman.

Tallman includes a ‘Strongholds Chart’ indicating which scriptures of the Bible relate to different strongholds such as addiction, fear and selfishness.

Pathway of Prayer Walking is a great resource for Christians interested in developing a deeper relationship with the Lord. Readers will discover how to pray for the people around them no matter where they are in the world.

Joann Tallman has three children and nine grandchildren. She was called to serve the Lord cross-culturally when she was young but didn’t fully surrender her will to him until she was an adult. For the past 20 years, Tallman has served the Lord in countries around the world. This is her first book.